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Vancouver Olympic Games and Vancouver Video for your entertainment

January 27, 2010

Filed under: Comic Relief,Vancouver — Richard Morrison @ 3:18 pm
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Hey Folks!

Gail Breakwell here! Just thought I would share this gorgeous video of our city taken with time-lapse HD photography captured by custom designed equipment. This video is simply amazing and delightful to watch… Just plug it into your flat screen panel, turn up the volume and entertain your guests with HD quality video and HD sound!

Does this get you excited about the Winter Olympic Games?
There are so many free activities in town its hard to choose which one! I personally am very excited to go see this light display:

Vectorial Elevation (English Bay)

laserlightshowMore than two million people are expected to view the Vectorial Elevation Light Display installation in person in Metro vancouver, as well as internationally. The English Bay event runs regardless of weather conditions until February 28, 2010. Visitors to this website can design how the lights will move, their angles and how they are clustered in timed sequences to create their own patterns for the world to see. A personalized webpage will be automatically created for each participant to document their design. Organizers estimate 130,000 different patterns will be created in the 24 days the project operates from dusk to dawn. Why not design your own light show in the sky today!

We hope you enjoy everything the Games has to offer Metro vancouver and please be safe out there and make sure you check out all alternative routes prior to your departure!

I know where I will be these games: watching it from my vancouver condo balcony overlooking the beautiful mountains of British Columbia!

Bye for now!
Gail Breakwell.

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