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North Vancouver real estate – The outdoor capital of the world!

May 17, 2010

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Love the outdoors? With a great city atmosphere, the City of North vancouver is encompassed  to the east, north, and west by the District with an amazing health lifestyle for the outdoor enthusiast.

Here you see much of the rental houses, commercial operations, and the high rise buildings of the North Shore. Along the Burrard Inlet shores, industrial sites are discovered, but a quantity of these were converted to commercial and residential areas in the past several years. The Northern terminal for vancouver’s Seabus transit ferry, along with the Lonsdale Quay public marketplace are also encountered here in the City. Called the “downtown” of the North Shore, regional vancouver real estate planners are particularly interested in the Lower Lonsdale and Central Lonsdale locales

There is TONS to do here!

With Mount Seymour and Grouse Mountain in particular, the rugged features of the North Shore Mountains has improved the region’s atmosphere for skiing, hiking, and even better known, for mountain biking. famous mountain biking videos generally showcase the locale’s trails. Ranging from Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay, there is the Baden-Powell Trail, which all year hosts the Knee Knacker, a half of a day long event spanning the whole trail distance of 50 kilometers. (Yes, the name of the race does spring from the regular bruises and hurts sustained by the runners’ knees when they reach the finish line). This District similarly presents the renowned Grouse Grind hiking trail, which proves to be a very steep uphill climb.

A unique riding means featuring hand made bridges, logs, and ladders, “Shore Riding” was invented here in the North Shore. With structures varying from copmlicated to simple, the best are built from cedar. rough countryside including swamps, muddy places, and rivers are crossed using these. The Shore is furthermore known by reputation for containing rooty, technical, wet, slippery, steep, and all around unpleasant terrain.

It’s really a wonder how contractors actually manage to build so many vancouver-condos/” target=”_blank”>North vancouver condos in the North vancouver area with such soil conditions!

If you’re into water events, then you’ll fit right in, too.  Spreading out from the Burrard Inlet is Indian Arm – extremely famous for setting the tone for Deep Cove with its fantastic sea kayaking.  Various remarkable sites, like Capilano River Regional Park’s Capilano Fish Hatchery, Lynn Canyon Park, and the Maplewood Flats conservation area, attract tourists in swarms.

There’s the Capilano Suspension Bridge over the Capilano River, too, drawing large crowds from vancouver-homes/” target=”_blank”>North vancouver real estate owners nearby and all over the Greater vancouver area

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