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Fundraiser and Essential Vancouver Real Estate Market Update

June 17, 2010

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Dear Client, please RSVP by commenting below after you watch this very informative video.
(At least I hope you will find it very informative)

Check out the video below and RSVP IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!


Event Details:

Date: Sunday June 27, 2010
Time: 3:00 pm – 8:00pm
Location: The River Rock Casino Resort – Fraserview Room
Limit: limited number at the room so RSVP fast!
Goodies: Watch the video! There is too much to list: incl. prizes, live bands & auctions!
An Essential Market Update DVD will be given.
Cost: By Donation to Charity (CRA Tax receipts will be issued)


This is a registered Canadian Charity: BN: 875224214RR0001
Tax receipts will be issued for ticket and other donations.

An unforgettable evening with us at the River Rock’s WATEFRONT Lounge & Patio: The vancouver-east-fraser-homes/” >fraser River Lounge…

Live Entertainment for 5 hours!



1st show will be: Chelsea and The North shore dance academy, they will do 2 or 3 numbers with a team of 24 girls

North Shore Academy of Dancing’s youth performing company “Co.Motion”
visit for more info

2nd show will be: Arassay`s dance team from “So you think you can dance Canada?”

3rd show will be Nestor from bcdance, dancing a salsa show with Arassay Reyes (So you thing you can dance Canada)

4th Show will be with Pe De Cana, a Brazilian Bossa Nova Band
TONS MORE ENTERTAINMENT Starting from 3pm throughout the evening.


The Olinda Children’s Association is thrilled to celebrate their 20th Anniversary Charity Fundraiser for the kids of Olinda.

River Rock Casino Resort and The Olinda Children’s Association present an unforgettable evening of cocktails in the stunning WATERFRONT lounge and patio of the vancouver-east-fraser-homes/” >fraser Room, with breathtaking views and dazzling live Brazilian entertainment, band, dancers and performers!


Door Prizes: Whistler Westin Hotel stays for up 4 people, River Rock Casino Resort prizes and much more!
Live/Silent auction items: Whistler hotel nights, River Rock Casino hotel nights, jewellery, paintings and other luxury items)
The Children’s Store: Buy items made from the Children’s school or your favourite jewellery directly from Brazil!

Enjoy complimentary champagne, fine aperitifs, and much more!


Raise funds to provide a dedicated environment to educate children in basic literacy & life skills.
Also to provide funding to build simple brick housing for the children’s families in need.
Watch this video to find out more…


Sunday, June 27th, 3pm – 8pm

Get Your Tickets NOW!
Simply LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW TO RSVP & WE’LL CONTACT YOU.In fact, set aside 2 minutes – right now – and click…
It’s really that simple.This is a registered Canadian Charity: BN: 875224214RR0001
Tax receipts will be issued for ticket and other donations.

Any Questions please call 604-767-3703 or 778-320-4346

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34 responses to “Fundraiser and Essential Vancouver Real Estate Market Update”

  1. Michael Luu says:

    Cindy won’t be able to make it, but I’ll be there.

  2. Kevin Gray says:

    Looks like a great event! I’ll be there.

  3. Kylene Shannon says:

    I’d like to attend thx

  4. Bob says:

    Looking forward to this fab event

  5. Marty Morel says:

    I’m coming. I think it will be a great afternoon.

  6. Doug Fredlend says:

    Hey Richard, thanks for the update. I will be away for a family trip that Sunday.

  7. Bob Tremblent says:

    Great Suff Rich! Can we bring Katie along? Consider us there. Thanks.

  8. richardmorrison says:

    Hi Bob, yes kids of all ages are welcome (even though its a Casino, we are hosting it at a water front lounge).

  9. richardmorrison says:

    Sorry, its called the Fraser Room…

  10. Tim Huguet says:

    I’ll be there Richard! Sorry, I forgot to grab a ticket last Tuesday from you guys. Should I just buy online?

  11. Francie Mary says:

    Yup! I’ll be there!
    Count on me.

  12. Francie Mary says:

    YUp, I’ll be there

  13. Gurpreet Bains says:

    Hi Richard, I’ll be attending the event!

  14. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your invitation. I’ll be coming. Count me in.

    Kind Regards,
    Patrick Cheng

  15. Gail Breakwell says:

    Very excited about it! I’ll be there.

  16. Chris Gresat says:

    Looking forward to it! Thanks Rich!

  17. Maren says:

    Consider it confirmed! 😀

  18. Jasmine Lemmes says:

    I have but I have to actually go collect money now for tickets I sold. I’m in!

  19. Sandy Benati says:

    Got a $380 piece of jellewery so we can auction it off!

  20. Arrassay Reyes says:

    Coming with my dance team!

  21. Micha says:

    Hey Rich. Great event. I’ll be there…

  22. Miruna says:

    Amazing video… Looking forward to the event!

  23. Marico says:

    Just bought tickets through Francie

  24. Bruce says:

    RSVPing. Also bought tickets through Francie

  25. Bob B. says:

    Thank you Richard. I will be there 😉

  26. Laara Gean says:

    Yes, You can count on my support.
    Have a good weekend.

  27. elena says:

    I can wait to be there. I know we’ll have lots of fun and also help some kids….that’s great.

  28. elena says:

    i meant “I can’t wait….” sorry:))

  29. Giovanni Dinicola says:

    Hi there Richard,
    What a wonderful event this will be.
    You can count on me for full suport.
    I’ll be there,
    Giovani Dinicola

  30. Christina Urlescu says:

    Be there! Just bought tickets online!

  31. Nina ‎​Lahijanian says:

    Just donated online also at… Yay :) can’t wait!

  32. Gwen Harrison says:

    Yes, I will attend and bring two guests with me. Thank you – looking forward to the event.

  33. Vivien Chen says:

    Richard I just bought 15 tickets online for my clients.

  34. William Chalmers says:

    Richard, bought 3 tickets for me and my family.
    Thank you

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