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Choosing Vancouver real estate based on area & your activities

February 15, 2012

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Vancouver is AWESOME, period. We Vancouverites know that. But what about if you are just thinking about visiting here? Or perhaps if you are thinking about making Vancouver your home? Well, if you fall under either category, read on…

I wanted to post this because living in Vancouver actually offers you so many outdoor opportunities to enjoy so many activities – that I could really write a book about. So I am only going to write a short post and if you want to ask me any questions feel free to shoot me an email or fill in your info on the contact us page and we can have a quick chat. I get very excited about this… so heck just call my office line and ask for Richard: 604-767-3703.

Anyway, there is a whole array of interesting programs and spectacular scenic splendours to pick from, which makes Vancouver a great location for both you and your family. But the really wonderful thing about Vancouver is really it’s natural beauty. Vancouver proves to be the most suitable for adventure loving family crowds who immensely enjoy routines like adventure activities, beach bumming (my second favourite activity other than selling East Vancouver houses), sportfishing or skiing; or are seeking for recreation options in a major way. Let me tell you, It is tough to have a boring life here since the locality has so much to offer; this is extremely true if you are young at heart and love the outdoors!

The crystalline waters of our lake is ideal for swimming and fishing or the adventure sports enthusiast could also pursue skydiving, kayaking or snow-boarding here as well.  Also even though I am a Vancouver East real estate agent I love living near the water and walking about with my wife along the seawall. When I am not doing that I love cruising across the harbour and lapping up the tempting natural scenes Vancouver has to always offer. You can actually plan a day long excursion on the cruise, with your family and spend some precious instances of pure amusement with them. Select a cruise trip which has a dinner included and you could savour the tastes of tasty meals served on board . These languid outings into the marine could actually lend an innovative new flavour to your Vancouver stay.

Alternatively, If you and your family are inclined to literature, the Bard on the Beach is easily the most suitable festival for you as it celebrates the works of Shakespeare. Famous Shakespearean plays like Much Ado about Nothing and Cleopatra are staged among the stunning natural splendors of Vancouver.

Celebration of Light is the exciting and multi-colored summer festival of Vancouver, when the sky is adorned with a number of lights. That one is truly a family affair and is likely to remain etched in your memory for the future. Choosing to stay in Vancouver will surely satisfy and enthral you at the same time . Living in Vancouver never seems dull or monotonous since the days spent here are filled with vibrant activities and entertainment , as a result of multiple recreation options available here.

You could choose from thrilling daring endeavors or illustrious festivals, and will never have enough of this magnificent location! We love it here.

If you would like any further information on what to do in Vancouver let us know and we can be in touch with you to guide your stay! Alternatively if you are looking to relocate to Vancouver, simply let us know and we will certainly ask one of our Vancouver real estate agents guide the entire process, free of charge and any obligation!

Where you choose to have your Vancouver home really depends on how close you wish to be to the action and all the outdoor activities. So, be sure to chose a good Realtor that knows the area you are maybe looking for!

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