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How to spruce up your undersized Home or Condo fast!

February 15, 2012

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The main test while designing a condo or a home in Vancouver is using a small space to make it look spacious without compromising on style. But, there are lots of instructions and methods to make your small condo look spacious and more sophisticated. In this article, you will discover all those hush-hush tips that famous interior designers use to give a redecoration to undersized condos.
How to pack lots of style into a small Vancouver condo?

To bring in refinement to a small residential space, it is often a good decision to make any wall having an exposed brick portion the core piece or focal point in the sitting space. The fireside under the exposed brick portion will affix more character to the space. You may hang extensive, mild colored blinds and shutters from the ceiling which will make the windows seem taller. Well positioned mirrors or ground to roof mirrors which spread out light to produce the delusion of extra space in a room.


One more tip for creating the illusion of room is to design your living spaces with armless furnishings. Absence of armrests provide a fluid, roomy, satisfying sense of commodiousness while gaudily colored rugs positioned on the flooring arrest notice away from the furnishings to the island in the heart of the space. Place your furnishings in such places so as not to hamper traffic flow. While designing small spaces in flats and condos, forever remember to place the furniture in spaces that allow the eyes to drift around the room in an free manner.
Additionally, do not stuff loads of furniture articles into a cramped room, since that will diminish the flexibility and spaciousness you had created earlier. If there’s scarcely any space on your vancouver real estate for furnishings, decide for low lying couches or storage beds that complement the look created by wall paintings and long windows. Use room saving multifunctional furniture articles and play around with accessories to impart a exceptional look to your Vancouver condos.

Shelves and Bookcases

The USP of Vancouver homes lies in the open wall room. You could employ the existing book shelves to change them into covered storage walls. Veil them using the same blinds as you used in the windows and deposit on some wire sunbursts for added effect. Similarly, if you fasten the blinds from the top, it will make the room seem taller.
Slim wall sills usually double up as depot areas for your sunglasses and openers and as picture galleries. They also help in the purpose of extending the walls visually.

Add Color through Accents

To convert your Vancouver home into a neutral haven, try for dazzlingly colored embellishments and accent articles like rugs, wall art, artworks, lamp shades, flower pots, table decorations, candles and much more to adorn the white or fawn or mild painted walls. Cream hued upholstery fabric and tie top draperies generally add organization and beauty to tight housing spaces. Present your rooms some breathing room by adding huge, expansive window in each room.

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