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Vancouver cyber crime on the rise – Know how to protect yourself

March 17, 2012

Filed under: Vancouver — Richard Morrison @ 5:43 pm
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Vancouver is an upwardly mobile city in Canada. Recent statistics for 2012 shows that Vancouver is on the top 10 list of Canada‘s riskiest cities for cyber crime. It actually placed third this year, just under Port Coquitlam, British Columbia at number two and Burlington, Ontario in the number one slot. It is nice to see that Vancouver was even able to move up a notch from fourth place in 2010. The statistical research combined new sets of variable when it was looking seriously at levels of cybercrime activities. Studies showed overall that there were a number of common risk factors in areas where most cyber crime was on the rise.

These risk factors were fairly general. Places like Vancouver city had a significant increase of computer networks, smartphone usage, unsecured localized WiFi hotspots, wide spread access to social media networking websites, and open access to bandwidth in any major city area. This is about as inviting as you can get for the cybercrime hackers on the worldwide wireless web awaiting to pounce. Without a doubt, Vancouver qualifies in all these major ways and it is a prime target for such activity in 2012.

To actually make the Candian top 10 list, cities could be victims of both successful and unsuccessful hacking or cybercrime, but they had to qualify in other areas of distinction. Such qualifications included a population that is on the move greatly, a technically savvy community of travelers through the city regularly, and they had to be on a major connectivity level with other metropolitian cities both locally and globally. Once again Vancouver area is just ripe for the picking, so to speak. In hope to keep yourself safe from an invisible wireless cybercrime attack, there are no guarantees. Still turn off your open WiFi and uncheck your automatic passwords when in Vancouver.

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