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Buyer’s Market in Vancouver as Seller’s Advantage Wanes in 2012

May 20, 2012

Filed under: Real Estate Market,Vancouver — Richard Morrison @ 4:29 pm

Yes, there is a definite buyer’s market in Vancouver as seller’s advantage wanes in 2012, but that doesn’t mean buyers will know how to capitalize on that advantage. Here are a few things for buyers to consider to make sure they reap the rewards of the 2012 market before it gets away from them:   1. Hire the Best Buyer’s Agent You Can Find If ever there were a time to relish the fact that you’re a self-made financial wizard, […]

Vancouver’s real estate market to cool, not crash

Filed under: North Vancouver,Real Estate Market,Surrey,Vancouver — Richard Morrison @ 4:19 pm

“Vancouver’s real estate market to cool, not crash” is the latest forecast by various real estate experts that comes as good news to people who dream of buying homes. Every Vancouver resident is aware of the changing price trends in the real estate market but with recent reports Vancouver residents have something to smile about.   Most real estate companies realized that many people are hesitant to buy homes due to the unpredictable costs but this is not over yet […]

The New Vancouver HST Tax in 2012 – HST transitional rules

Filed under: Mortgage Financing,North Vancouver,Real Estate Market,Surrey,Vancouver — Richard Morrison @ 4:09 pm

DISCLAIMER: I am not a tax lawyer, so please consult a tax lawyer that can give you legal advice. If you rely on the advice given below, I am not to be held responsible and you take full responsibility for your actions. Now moving on to our article:     HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) was introduced in Canada in 2010 as a way of combining the regional provincial Sales Tax (PST) and federal GST (Goods and Services Tax). When introduced […]

Vancouver East Side real estate market in 2012

Filed under: Real Estate Market,Vancouver — Richard Morrison @ 4:00 pm

The year of 2012 has seen the rise of home buyers in the east side of Vancouver. Many home buyers are looking for affordable homes that are currently only found in the East Side. However, the market is slowing down as of recent and prices have softened a little.   Many buyers have moved from buying houses in the west side because of the high cost. The dreams of home purchasers however have not been shattered altogether because they will […]

Richmond real estate market in 2012

Filed under: Real Estate Market,Richmond — Richard Morrison @ 3:43 pm

In 2012 February the home sales in Richmond increased as compared to the previous month’s sale by 52%. The listed houses, condos and apartments for sale in February were 6% more than January 2012. The maximum increase in for sale listings was for condos. The increase in other types of homes was not too much and almost negligible The town homes, detached homes and condos in January 2012 were almost the same as in the previous months. With a large […]

Burnaby Real Estate Market Supply 2012

Filed under: Burnaby,Real Estate Market — Richard Morrison @ 3:24 pm

Burnaby Real estate market took off in February, 2011 and held strong into the summer of that year. However, 2012 has seen much slower market than it was the same time last year. The following statistics on Burnaby Real Estate market demand (sales), supply (inventory), and the effect on mean prices from February 2010 through to February 2012 may help shed more light on the trends in the market.   Real Estate Market Supply, February, 2012 The current inventory in […]

Selling Your Vancouver Home During the Summer Months

Filed under: Burnaby,North Vancouver,Real Estate Market,Richmond,Surrey,Vancouver — Richard Morrison @ 3:11 pm

You’re definitely selling your house this summer. Maybe you have a new job in another city starting in the Fall. Whatever your situation, if you’re selling your Prime Vancouver home during the summer months, you’re going to want to do all you can both now and then to make sure it sells before summer’s gone. Here are a few things that can make sure that sell happens:   1. Start Doing the FLYLADY’s 27 Fling Boogie Right Now The FLYLADY […]

Things to consider before refinancing your Vancouver home or estate

Filed under: Burnaby,North Vancouver,Real Estate Market,Richmond,Surrey,Vancouver — Richard Morrison @ 2:57 pm

Most home owners look to refinancing whenever they feel the need for change in their mortgages. There are many perks that come with refinancing a home in Vancouver, and these are attractive enough to inspire the decision. But before you decide on revising your mortgage terms, before you open that bottle of wine to celebrate, there are a few considerations you need to make first.   What is the reason you are refinancing first? Hoping to take advantage of newer, […]

Vancouver’s housing affordability is decreasing

Filed under: Real Estate Market,Vancouver — Richard Morrison @ 2:44 pm

It’s now evident that affordability in Vancouver housing is decreasing. This is attributed to the ever increasing demand both from the locals and foreigners. The increase in demand is due to high rank that this city enjoys. This city is said to be one of the world’s livable locations. It is also ranked 4th in terms of its quality of living as compared to other cities in the world. These factors have led to very high demand for housing within […]

Canadian Households debt and Vancouver cost of living rising

Filed under: North Vancouver,Real Estate Market,Vancouver — Richard Morrison @ 2:36 pm

According to the recently released figures, the household debts in Canada have skyrocketed hitting some unbelievable figures. These debts are in form of loans, collateral and some other forms of credit. In the initial quarter of this new financial year alone, the debts have increased from the initial sum of $1.526 trillion to 1.548 trillion. This is not only unacceptable but more of a torture to the ordinary citizen in Vancouver as they can no longer afford to live a […]