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Is buying as affordable as renting in Vancouver, BC Canada?

May 20, 2012

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The question of whether to buy or to rent has always sparkled debate. Going by the statistics, the majority of people in Vancouver opt for buying instead of renting. The predicted increases in property value over the years have contributed to this. But we cannot entirely dispel the fact that property owners are regarded to as more financially responsible, fortunate or even better off has also played a role. It’s a reputation that everyone wants to be tagged with, which […]

Information on buying a home in Vancouver Canada.

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Canada is probably the most beautiful country in the world and frequently nears the top of the UN quality of life tables (Human Development Index). Aside from that, Vancouver Canada is a major destination for immigrants. All of these highly skilled and qualified people need accommodation when they land, thus the demand for good quality rental housing is high and likely to remain so well into the future.   Finding a Property At present the majority of real estate transactions […]