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Vancouver soccer team Whitecaps – will they survive?

July 2, 2012

Filed under: Vancouver — Richard Morrison @ 1:54 pm
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Take a trip to Vancouver and one is sure to hear many talks about the local soccer team and for many fans of the local team the worry about how the team is performing has brought about many doubts and the local dailies have not made the situation any easier with headings like Vancouver soccer team whitecaps- will they survive?


Despite their last year performance fans should not get disappointed or loose hope in their team’s performance because the team’s history since the early eighties has been rated as best for small teams in the leagues and they have always improved their performance in every given league they play in. This too should come as good news because the individual player’s performance has always been rated highly and has given the team a good reputation and respect amongst teams in the same league. As a Vancouver real estate agent that loves soccer & loves playing soccer, I can appreciate when I see a great player…


The desire to see your team win every match they play is immense but when this does not happen fans should still stay loyal by filling the benches at the soccer pitch and supporting their team despite the outcome. A team as small as Vancouver whitecaps with major strides in the league also needs the support of their fans to keep them going and improve their performance.
Vancouver soccer fans should understand that bigger teams did not get to the top just by acquiring good players instead having fans who believed in them contributed significantly to their success therefore the need to believe in one’s team is very vital for its performance. Local news has always been known to criticize how the team has been performing thus putting the fans loyalty to the test.


Vancouver soccer team whitecaps-will they survive? Will be best answered by the fans’ actions and level of loyalty towards their team. The next season is under way now and we are actually 3rd on the western division!!


So why not purchase that ticket and go give your support? You have nothing to loose and that new stadium is simply GORGEOUS!!!

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